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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The biggest ios release ever

Not only iPhone 6 is larger. Most advanced mobile operating system in the world has taken a big leap, too. iOS 8 features new capabilities and functions that let you do things you could only imagine before, as the use of Siri to control home devices or applications using health and fitness to communicate with your doctor. Developers now have a deeper access and more tools to bring some of the amazing new features of iOS 8 applications. And everything looks great on the large Retina HD display.

What's new in iOS 8

iOS 8 is packed with features that make it better every experience. More fun, useful and surprising ways to send messages. A better picture of your health and fitness information. A new way to bring harmony to the digital life of his family. And much more.

iPhone comes with an impressive collection of applications

iPhone 6 is ready to do great things, and things of every day, right out of the box. Edit photos on the fly. Create the perfect playlist. Ask Siri you book a reservation for dinner. iPhone is full of large integrated applications that are optimized to take advantage of 64-bit architecture class desktop A8 chip.

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