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Thursday, 12 March 2015

On September 9, 2014, Apple finally unveiled its long-rumored portable device, Apple clock. While many expect the laptop to be called the "iWatch" Apple actually chose to use the symbol of Apple (), followed by "clock" for the device name. According to the chief designer Jony Ive of Apple, Apple has been working on the device for three years. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple's goal with the clock is "change the way you live your life."

Apple clock is designed to be functional and fashionable, available in two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm (1.5 to 1.7 inches), with six different coating materials and six options interchangeable band separated in a variety colors. Organized into three separate collections, from simple "Sport" for high-end luxury "Edition" watch Apple has been created to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Prices for the device will be available at the launch of the first nine countries on April 24, 2015, start at $ 349 for aluminum sport watch collection. The collection of watches stainless steel starts at $ 549, while gold edition watches collection starts at $ 10,000 and goes as high as $ 17,000.

Designed with both an ion-strengthened or sapphire flexible screen (depending on model), all Apple watches include Retina HD display, sapphire-covered sensors integrated into the backrest zirconium and an NFC chip to allow devices to work with Apple Apple's payment mobile payment service.

Watch Apple interface, like its exterior, was created to customizing the end user in mind. Apple has designed several unique watch faces that users can choose, offering traditional designs surveillance, whimsical characters, animated images, and more, all of which are "highly customizable." According to Apple, Apple clock can have millions of different looks. Device applications are organized into a group of unique design for quick and easy access.

As with all products, Apple has carefully considered how people interact with and use the clock Apple, develop both a single operating system (WatchOS) and methods for single input device. While it does allow touch input, Apple Watch also includes a "digital Corona", located on the right side of the body, allowing users to zoom, scroll and select items on the clock without covering the screen. The digital Corona also serves as home button.

A second physical button below the digital Corona allows users to display a list of contacts and then communicate with friends by sending quick drawings, messages, animated emoji, and a heartbeat, drawn directly from the sensor clock included.

Follow Apple takes advantage of the new pressure sensing technology called "Force Touch" and is able to determine the difference between a tap and a press, allowing a wide range of contextually specific controls. A single notification system allows notifications are transmitted in a subtle way through gentle vibrations using the "Taptic motor."

There are several different sensors built into the watch Apple, which allow you to measure metrics such as the steps taken, calories burned and pulse rate. Motion information is transmitted two separate applications related to fitness, giving users an overview of their daily activities.

Apple Clock is designed to be a companion device for the iPhone, and as such requires an iPhone to work. Watch is not a standalone device because it relies on iPhone for many functions such as the transmission of notifications and messages. In fact, initial applications of Apple watch will be fully powered by the iPhone to preserve the battery. Watch Apple will last for 18 hours per charge with mixed use and up to 72 hours on standby power, limiting functionality.

On February 26, Apple announced plans for an event March 9 media where the company shared new information on the clock Apple, detailing price, battery life, and a release date - April 24.

How to Buy

Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for Apple clock on Friday 10 April, both online and at its retail stores. At that time, the company also established Apple clock displays in their outlets, allowing users to experience and test the clock Apple in person before opting to pre-order a device.

Apple schedule appointments will allow people to see the clock Apple store and several other pop-up stores around the world will have high-end Apple Gold Edition Follow on screen.

Beginning April 24, the official release date of the guard, customers can purchase an Apple watch online or make a reservation for a watch Apple Store, allowing them to select a model line and Test in the store before making the purchase. Retail employees of Apple provide Personal Settings to help buyers customize their devices and pair it with an iPhone.

At launch, Apple's watch will be available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and United States, with availability in other countries to move forward.
Apple Prices 

Because it is designed to suit a range of tastes of customers, Apple Prices Continue varies greatly. Starts at $ 349 on the low end for Sport aluminum, but goes all the way up to $ 17,000 for the Gold Edition 18K.

The price of each Apple Watch is determined by three factors: the material of the case is made from (stainless steel, aluminum, or gold), size, and choice of side. In general, Apple Watch 42mm models are priced $ 50 more than the smaller models of 38 mm, and the prices of the band ranging from $ 49 to $ 449.

For sport watch collection, Apple has ten different models available, which consists of five different colors, each available in 38 mm and 42 mm casing sizes. All 38mm models are priced at $ 349, while the 42mm models are priced at $ 399. The silver aluminum is available with a choice of white, blue, green and pink sports bands fluoroelastomers, while a black band option is combined with a special casing Space Gray. View Shopping Sport come with two bands, while S / M and sizes M / L


Both prices Sport Collection
A full list of models Apple Watch Sport is available here, with prices and links to the online Apple Store.

The alignment of stainless steel watch is a little more complicated, with twenty different models available, each 10 in 38mm and 42mm sizes, with prices ranging from $ 549 to $ 1,099. At the lower end of this level are stainless steel combined with Apple Watches Sport Bands in black and white, 38 mm models priced at $ 549 and 42 mm models to $ 599. Several other combinations watch band as the Loop Milanese ($ 649- $ 699) and Link Bracelet ($ 949- $ 999) are available with the same $ 50 premium for large intestines.

Not all bands are available for both models of 38 mm and 42 mm, however, modern buckle available for models of 38 mm only $ 749 with black, midnight blue, soft pink and brown. Exclusive models 42mm is a band of leather loop available in black, bright blue, stone and light brown in color, with those prices combinations at $ 699. Finally, at the top of the watch collection is a housing space paired with a unique Black Space Black Link Bracelet, priced at $ 1,049 for the model of 38 mm and $ 1.099 for the model of 42 mm stainless steel.

stainless steel
The lowest watches and higher prices of Apple Collection Track
A complete list of standard models of Apple clock is available here, with prices and links to the online Apple Store.

For those looking for a gold watch 18K, Apple Collection Track Edition, ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 17,000, is the place to be. At the lower end of this range are white and black bands sport pairs either with a rose gold or yellow gold case. 38 mm casings are priced from $ 10,000 in these combinations with 42mm models priced at $ 12,000.

For $ 15,000, customers can opt for Apple Watch 42mm yellow gold and either a black or midnight blue Classic buckle. And training tops out at $ 17,000 with 38 mm housing available in pink gold with a modern gray pink or yellow gold with a bright red modern buckle clasp. All watches edition watch will be available in limited quantities.

The lowest watches and higher prices of Apple Collection Track Edition.
A full list of models of Apple Track Edition is available here, with prices and links to the online Apple Store.
Band Options

Along with several sets that come with Apple watch bands include Apple also sells most of its watchbands independently, allowing customers to collect an additional band to go with their watches. Prices start at $ 49 for a pack of two bands Sport, one small / medium and medium / large to ensure a good fit.

Other bands include Loop Milanese, Leather Loop (only 42 mm - in stone, light brown, Black and bright blue), or Classic buckle (black only), available for $ 149, and Modern buckle (38mm only - Brown, Black, soft pink and midnight blue), available for $ 249. Link bracelet band is the most expensive Apple Watch available at a price of $ 449.

While groups like the Loop Milanese and bracelet Link come in one size that is designed to suit a wide range of wrist sizes, the Modern Buckle, Leather Loop and Sport Band come in various sizes ranging from small to large. Apple has made an adjustment guide for each of the bands to help users choose the best band. [PDF]

All bands can be purchased at the Apple online store from April 10.
Apple Watch Design

According to Apple designer Jony Ive, Apple's clock is "one of the most difficult projects" that worked, and a lot of time went into the design and creation of the device. Apple consulted with several historians of watches and Ive same depth in the history of watchmaking, the study of clocks and watches over time, while the design of the product.

Follow Apple has a rounded rectangular body in two different sizes (38mm and 42mm) which is capable of easily taking in a series of interchangeable bands. There are only two "buttons" on the device, including digital Corona that offers several control options and Friends button brings up a list of contacts.

Aiming to create watches that please a wide range of tastes, Apple designed the Apple clock with four different custom stainless steel alloys and aluminum in two finishes, along with two formulations 18K yellow gold that are designed to stand up to everyday use.

In total, there are six different body options: stainless steel, stainless steel Space Black, Aluminium Silver, Space Grey Aluminum, 18K gold, 18K rose gold.

apple watch color options

Along with six choices of separate boxes, Apple has also designed six types of custom bands to watch Apple: Bracelet, which is stainless steel and resembles a traditional watch strap; Sport Band, made of a flexible and lightweight fluoroelastomer; Leather Loop a band built leather handmade envelope; Modern buckle, made of leather Granada and sporting a magnetic buckle; Classic buckle, made of leather Holland with a traditional buckle closure; and Loop Milanese, a band of flexible metal mesh designed to wrap around the wrist.

apple watch bands

Apple has organized its various watch cases and bands on three different collections: Apple Watch, Sport Watch Apple, and Apple Clock edition, each covered with groups and bands that Apple says "work particularly well together."

APPLE watches

Follow The Apple Collection includes stainless steel housings Apple, either a highly polished silver and black space. These watches have a glass screen durable scratch resistant sapphire and combined with several of the six bands available in 20 configurations that can be purchased from Apple.

A selection of watches watch collection Apple
According to Apple, the stainless steel is made of cold forging process designed to make steel 316L 40 percent harder and more resistant to cuts and corrosion. The black version is coated in a layer of diamond-like carbon to achieve their color.


Apple Collection Sport is the collection of watches with the lowest price tag. Intended for fitness enthusiasts, sports watches do not have a screen sapphire place that offers light Ion-X glass reinforced alumina-silicate is "particularly resistant to scratches and impact."

Apple Collection Sport also features an anodized aluminum silver or light gray space. According to Apple, the aluminum used in the sport watch Apple is a new alloy (7000 series aluminum) which is 60 percent stronger than standard alloys. With the Ion-X glass and aluminum casing, Sport Collection watches are 30 percent lighter than stainless steel models.

A selection of watches Sport Collection Apple
Sport watches come with a fluoroelastomer high performance belt that is durable and strong, but smooth. Apple says it is more flexible than the traditionally used rubber watchbands, by a smooth sheet through the wrist with a closing pin and tuck for a perfect fit. The Sport collection also features the most vibrant colors, striped in white, blue, green, pink and black.

APPLE edition watch COLLECTION

The Edition collection is high-end luxury line Apple, which provides housing crafted from 18 karat yellow or rose gold. Apple Metalworkers designed gold in the edition watches be twice as hard as gold standard, which will help keep it free from bumps and scratches.


18K Yellow Gold Edition Apple Watch with Red Modern Buckle Band
Like Apple Collection Watch, the Edition collection features a glass screen polished sapphire which is highly durable and scratch resistant. Covers Gold edition collection combined with modern buckle, the Sport Band, and classic buckle, creating six different options.


18K Rose Gold Edition Apple Watch with White Sport Band
The Apple Follow edition will be purchased in stores that sell luxury with a jewelry box that is capable of functioning as a charger. The back of the box is equipped with a flash plug, and the magnetic loading platform rests inside. Users can simply charge the watch back to you at night.

Apple Clock was created to be a companion device for the iPhone, and as such, displays notifications when a user receives a phone call, message or alert application. Offering applications, while maintaining capabilities, social, and a single interface that takes advantage of a feedback system based on vibration and iPod style "Digital Corona" trackball.


Crown and digital Contacts Button
Although designed as a companion for the iPhone, Apple's clock will have a limited number of offline capabilities including the ability to make payments on Apple pay, play music via Bluetooth, track activity, and show some of them built in Apple applications.

Apple Watch is rated IPX7 water resistance, so it is splash and water resistant, but not waterproof. It can be used during exercise, in the rain, and while washing his hands, but should not be submerged. Many Apple watch bands like Modern buckle and leather loop must also stay out of the water.

The watch has a built-in speaker and microphone, so it is able to make and receive phone calls. It was created to function as a health and fitness device that offers tracking capabilities combined with intuitive applications that encourage users to be more active movement.

Apple custom design a special processor chip clock S1 for Apple, which integrates several different subsystems into a single module. The S1 chip is said to be similar in power to the A5 processor iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Contains a gyroscope and an accelerometer for measuring activity, and a sensor which detects heart rate. The heart rate sensor is composed of four lenses integrated in supporting sapphire zirconia detecting the clock pulse rate (via infrared LEDs, visible light, and photodiodes), and the device also integrates the capabilities of GPS and Wi-Fi iPhone in several of its tracking capabilities, using GPS phone system to determine the distance traveled.


Duration of Apple Battery Remain a mystery for many months following introduction of the device in September, but during his recent event March 9 media, Apple finally released new information about how long we expect our Apple devices Following last before needing to be charged.

According to a section dedicated battery on the Apple site Watch, clock Apple will last for about 18 hours with mixed use, which the company refers to as "all-day battery life." Mixed use is defined as 90 time controls, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of application usage, and a 30-minute workout with music playback, all in the course of 18 hours.

Watch Apple will last up to three hours when used for making telephone calls, up to 6.5 hours during a training session active, and up to 6.5 hours when playing audio. When used as a clock, the device will last up to 48 hours and standby mode power, the battery will last up to 72 hours.

Booked energy, which can be activated at any time, most of the watch functions that drain the power is turned off, allowing you to continue offering its most basic function - tell the time - even when the battery Apple Track is low.

> As Apple, battery life will vary with use, settings and other factors, so that actual results may vary says. According to Apple, the Apple 42mm Follow "typical" experience longer battery life than smaller version of 38 mm.
It takes 1.5 hours to watch Apple to be accused of 0 percent to 80 percent using inductive MagSafe charger included, and it takes 2.5 hours for the device to reach a full charge 100 percent.

Watch Apple Battery is replaceable, but users will have to send the device to Apple about getting a replacement installed.


Watch Apple comes in two sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm, which are equipped with a Retina display. According to Apple, the "incredibly high pixel density" of the Apple display numbers and Track makes text easier to read at a glance, even while moving ".

Apple has not provided specific details about the resolution of the Apple Guard in their marketing materials, but the resolution listed in theWatchKit SDK. The smaller 38mm Apple Watch has a resolution of 272 x 340, while the 42 mm larger Apple Watch has a resolution of 312 x 390.

Apple describes the display as "extremely energy efficient," and says he has "remarkable sharpness and contrast." In the watch Apple and Apple Watch edition, the screen is laminated to glass machining and polishing sapphire. In sport watch Apple, the display is protected by Ion-X glass, which is lighter than sapphire, but less resistant to scratches.


According to Apple, the Apple clock was designed to be an "incredibly accurate clock" that has a margin of error of less than 50 milliseconds. It is checked with standard final overall time on a regular basis, thereby adjusting the time during the summer or when a user moves from one time zone to another.

Apple's approach over time has also led him to develop a variety of watch, which offers a range of designs from a standard analog clock Mickey Mouse to a topic galaxy that includes phases of the moon and a look into the solar system . Each face of custom clock includes several additional customization options, allowing users to change the colors and the information displayed.

A few examples expensive watches
Customizable features included with each watch face are called "complications" and are specialized functions that provide information such as moon phase, sunrise and sunset times, alarms, and climate.

Follow Apple accelerometer detects when the user lifts his wrist, at which time the watch face is shown. When not activated, the screen remains blank to save power.


Pressure sensing technology called "Force Touch" has been integrated into Apple clock, allowing you to determine the difference between a tap and a press. This functionality allows a new range of contextually specific controls, almost similar to the different abilities activated by left click and right click a mouse button.


Along with technology pressure sensing, clock Apple has a vibration motor only haptic feedback that is designed to send alerts to a subtle, gentle manner, allowing users to sit and listen to the design of the user interface. Tactile sensations are different for each type of notification and combined with audio signals to a feedback system that is unlike anything available on the Mac or iPhone.


Follow Apple includes support for NFC, making that integrates with the new mobile payment initiative Apple, Apple Pay. When combined with an iPhone, Apple clock will be able to be used for payments at stores that accept payment Apple.

With NFC capabilities, clock enable Apple iPhone users with an iPhone 5, 5s, or use Apple 5c Payment for the first time. Currently, Apple iPhone payment is limited to 6 and 6 Plus iPhone users as iPhones are the only ones with NFC.

The integrated heart rate monitor is used to ensure secure payments through skin contact. When the clock Apple first put on the wrist, a user enters a PIN to authorize payment Apple. After that point, the clock monitors contact skin and removes a doll (in case of theft, for example) the device is no longer able to make payments until it re-entered the PIN.


Watch Apple uses inductive load, building a magnetic MagSafe charger style that fits easily in the back of the device. See Apple's accusations 0-80 percent in about an hour and a half, with an additional hour required for a full charge.
OS Clock

Clock OS is the operating system that is installed on the Apple clock. Although WatchOS has taken design cues from iOS iOS 7 and 8, which has been designed from scratch to watch Apple with features that take advantage of all the hardware in the device.

By default, the clock Apple will remain black and white when the arm of a user is idle to save power. When a user lifts his wrist, the watch face with the time and other user-selected information is displayed.

The home screen can be accessed by pressing WatchOS on Digital Corona. The home screen displays all available applications in a group format (or "barrio application") that can be navigated with punches or control Digital Corona. Applications are accessed with a twist.

Applications that run on Apple's clock are extensions of existing iPhone apps, powered by the iPhone and with a user interface that extends to the clock. Developers have limited access to Apple View features and are unable to access the gyroscope, accelerometer, NFC, built-in speaker and microphone, and motor Taptic device. Developers can not create complete applications that run on the clock itself at this point in time, but functionality may be available in the future.

Although prevented the creation of complete applications, developers can still create multiple content types to watch Apple, including powered by the iPhone, looks, and actionable Notifications applications. Looks, which are accessible through a blow to the face of the clock, are designed to give users quick read-only information at a glance, such as weather, news and sports results.

Actionable Notifications allow users to take an action or respond to a notification, such as turning off the lights of a connected device or access to flight information in an email. Notifications are only received when the watch is on your wrist and in contact with skin.

There are two types of notifications watch Apple: A "Short Look", where a notification is only briefly visible and a "long look" active when the user lifts the wrist. Notifications "Long Look" are equivalent to actionable Notifications, allowing users to respond to an incoming notification. For example, a user could receive a Short Look Instagram notification when a new picture is published, it becomes a long look notification, where you can take an action as a comment or similar.

Applications Apple clock are similar to applications available for the iPhone, but are much more limited. A complete list of the applications made by Apple and third-party applications for Apple clock is available below, as well as information on some of the more advanced features of Apple Watch.


Social interaction is a cornerstone of the operating system clock, and the various sensors and technological capabilities built into the Apple Clock allows new forms of communication between users, mainly through a set of features from Apple called "Touch Digital. "

Digital Touch, users can send taps each other or take advantage of the touch screen to draw and send simple sketches. Apple Follow specially designed animated emoji, along with a list of predetermined response messages (that improve over time based on user input) that can be used as a text message replies. You can also use the built-in heart rate monitor to send another user a real beating, which is transmitted through vibrations and a heart on the clock, and is a function of "walkie-talkie" for sending documents sound fast friends.


There are two separate fitness applications installed on the clock, each designed to track different elements of fitness. The implementation of activities gives users an overview of their levels of daily physical condition, with three "rings" calories burned representing the year then ended, and how often you take a break from sitting. Fitness has a companion iPhone app for users to track trends over time.

Training A second application shows live statistics such as time last year, distance, calories burned and pace when working out. Users are encouraged to set, meet, and beat fitness goals, and over time, is able to suggest new fitness goals attainable and act as a digital personal trainer.


As you'd expect from a device with limited user input space, Apple Guard includes the integration of Siri. Users will be able to ask Siri to perform many of the tasks that the personal assistant is able to perform on the iPhone, such as sending messages, get directions, or find information.

Siri can be activated by pressing the Digital Corona or lifting a doll and using the "Hey Siri" command.


For the most part, applications that have been proven out so far have been the most limited of some of the applications available on iOS and OS X. For example versions, including the Messages application allows users to dictate messages or select Quick responses preset options.

The phone application, meanwhile, allows users to make quick conversations that can be transferred to the iPhone, car speaker, or a Bluetooth headset, if desired. Incoming phone alerts can be silenced by Apple cover the clock with one hand.

Phone, Mail and Messages
Mail, otherwise present in the operating system clock application, displays incoming emails. Users can read a message, flag, mark read / unread, or move it to the trash, but will be transferred to an iPhone to write a response. Other embedded applications:

- Calendar: shows what comes next in the day of a user, send meeting reminders and allows users to accept calendar invitations.

- Maps: Allows users to view the current location and get turn by turn directions. Maps Feedback Taptic advantage, delivering different vibrations to turn left or right.

- Passbook: passes Like the iPhone, book stores boarding tickets, loyalty cards and credit cards. It is an integral part of the Apple of payment.

- Music: Users will be able to control their music through Apple iPhones and Apple Watch Watch can also play music directly.

- Apple TV, iTunes: Apple Watch can serve as a remote control for both iTunes and Apple TV, allowing users to navigate the interface with clock.

- Camera / Photos: Apple Watch serves as a remote shutter release for the iPhone camera. You can display a live preview of what he sees the iPhone, and take the picture. Apple Watch also shows that favorited photos on the iPhone photo application.

- Clock: Similar to the iPhone clock app, Apple Watch will stopwatch, timer and alarm functionality built in, along with a world clock.

- Time: Apple Continue allow users to view weather on your immediate location or anywhere in the world. The application displays a detailed daily report and weekly forecast.

- Settings: A setup application serves as a hub to enable and disable various features of Apple Watch, including Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and Mute. This application also allows users to ping their iPhones to determine its location in case of being lost.

Follow Apple support third-party applications, enabling developers to create three different types of software for the device: "actionable Notifications" app notifications that are essentially non-interactive sent from the iPhone, looks, showing the quick bits of information , and complete applications that run on both the iPhone or Apple clock itself.

Example of actionable Notifications, Perspectives and Applications

Clock OS like OS X and iOS Yosemite 8 support new features of Apple continuity that allow operating systems to integrate together in innovative ways. With Relay, for example, users are able to switch tasks from one device to another with ease, making a phone call or email message can be transferred from the watch Apple Mac or iOS device.


iOS 8.2 includes a preinstalled iPhone app called simply "Apple Watch", which serves as a companion to the next device. It is functional because nobody has a clock to synchronize Apple with him, but serve as a place for Apple Look owners to control settings on the device and download apps.

An iPhone will be associated with a watch by Apple companion app, but the iPhone camera. A pairing menu available now asks users to keep their Apple devices Look at the camera to initiate a connection.

The Apple co-Track application can be used to adjust notification settings, allowing users to chose if they want to receive reminders and alerts fitness, and allow users to organize and reorganize the applications displayed on the main screen Apple Rights Watch.

Third Party Applications

With the launch clock Apple is fast approaching, developers have begun to share some of the applications that are creating for the new Apple portable device, giving us a look at some of the things the clock Apple will be capable of.

For example, the manufacturer of medical devices DexCom are creating an application for Apple Watch will show all blood glucose and health data related to a user sugar right wrist. The application synchronizes with a glucose monitor existing DexCom.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he is "very excited" by third-party applications being developed for the Apple clock. "I think everyone will have their favorite thing, like when the App Store came out," he said. "Remember the saying" there's an app for that? There is a huge amount of things you will do. "
Hands-On First Impressions

After September 9 event in which Apple debuted its new watch Apple, attendees were invited to go hands-on with the device, giving an overview of the look, feel and function of the device.

Although most models on display were not running the actual software WatchOS, Jared Nelson from our sister site TouchArcade was able to get a practical tutorial of a working device of an employee, as seen in the video below.

Initial impressions watch Apple were very positive, with The Verge saying the smallest clock model was "very solid and surprisingly light," and the wrist strap was "flexible" and comfortable to wear.

Engadget says that the bands for the watch had a "flawless" build quality and were "comfortable" while Gizmodo said "more premium" that the device felt watches LG and Samsung competition. The site also praised the digital Corona, saying "it feels like you are wearing a watch that just happens to be digital."

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