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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It is 2015 and although the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is still going strong it's time to look ahead to the next flagship smartphone Apple, which could be less than five months away. This is what we know about the iPhone 6S release date, price and features in the UK that could end up being the iPhone in July including a possible 12MP camera and touchscreen of the Force. The latest rumor suggests a possible launch August. Updated 02/06/15. See also: Best new phones coming in 2015.
iPhone 6S: Name and models - iPhone 7 will?

Following Apple's history with smartphones, the next iPhone will be a model "S". However, there is always the possibility of an end to this tradition so we can be in store for the iPhone 7 this year - you never know. In fact, reports suggest that the new iPhone will be as different from the current models Apple iPhone blown to 7. This is what you think KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a proven track record of predicting Apple launches properly.

For the last two releases, Apple has introduced two new iPhones. Currently we have the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and higher above Apple launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Are we going to have two new models this year? We think so, but rumors are thin on the ground on the issue at this time, but it's early days so stay tuned as we will be updating this article as new information becomes available. Read: The best iPhone 6 alternatives.
 iPhone 6s release date:

Today it is relatively easy to predict when a new generation of flagship smartphone will come. Most manufacturers announce a new model every year while a few are for every six months.

Apple is one of the first and if you look at previous releases, it is likely that the iPhone 6S will be announced in September and will go on sale a week or two later. Of course, if the launch event is at the end of the month, the release date of iPhone 6S could be in early October. Note that if there are two new iPhones announced this year, it might not go on sale on the same day.

However, if we are to believe Economic Daily News (translated), the iPhone 6S come a month early August. He says this year's performance for the device is better than expected so Apple can jump his own weapon.

What we do know is that Apple will give us our first look at iOS in September from its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) beginning on June 8. It is almost certain that the iPhone 6S come pre-loaded with iOS 9 which at least see the features of the phone software before it is announced.
iPhone 6S: Design and specifications

With a model of 'S' iPhone, most things tend to stay the same in terms of design and specifications. Usually, there are some tweaks here and there but Apple save big changes for next complete model number - that is, the iPhone in July.

It seems likely then that the iPhone 6S will be the same as the current iPhone 6 will use the same chassis and come in the same color options. The weight may change but due to different components within a new glass or sapphire.

S model gets the same screen size, so we're probably looking at 4.7in and when an iPhone 6S Plus must then remain in 5.5in. Resolutions are also likely to remain the same although a rumor suggests the new iPhone will have a 5 inch screen with a 400ppi and what about the Note Samsung Galaxy Edge concept down rivaling Michael Shanks?

iPhone 6S concept:

If the design of the iPhone 6S remains the same, then Apple will provide improvements in the way of new hardware. There are several rumors floating around, the most obvious of which is a new processor. The 6S iPhone will come with a A9 chip and could also get a promotion in the department of RAM 2 GB.

The fingerprint scanner Touch ID could be integrated into the screen, according to a rumor, rather than sit on the start button. But the most interesting rumor of the screen, and is more likely, it could be submitted Touch Force has made its debut at the clock and the new Apple MacBook. The technology means that the screen will say between a tap and a press opening several times.

We thought the cameras almost certainly be updated, although we are not sure of a rumored 21MP rear camera is probable and the latest rumors suggest a jump to a 12MP sensor.

Most likely is a reversible USB connector. We have the Lightning connector that can be connected in any way for what he had put money in Apple doing at the other end of the cable, too. It is also very possible, almost certain, is that the iPhone 6S come pre-loaded with iOS probably 9 detailed in Apple's WWDC, which usually takes place in June.

There is also a rumor suggesting that Apple may decide to use the same 7000 series aluminum used to watch with the 6S Apple iPhone. 7000 series aluminum is 60% stronger than standard aluminum, but remains lightweight form factor so it is a great candidate for the iPhone 6S.

There are also reports the WSJ that the iPhone 6S (possibly only 6S Plus as contradictory rumors) support Touch Force. Currently built into the watch and the new Apple MacBook 12-inch, Touch Force gives the pressure sensitivity of the device, allowing them to distinguish between a tap and a hard press, allowing opportunities for new gestures. The source is apparently a supplier of Apple, so it is best to take this with a pinch of salt - Apple technologies often tests using suppliers who do not in the end product, so this may also be the case the Touch Force.

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