Five smart features in the latest apple ios 9

Friday, 3 July 2015

iOS 9 is here and brings a lot of changes, but what are the outstanding features that are going to get your attention?

In the same vein Apple made a lot of noise about music and news, but really think there are more important things in IOS 9 most iPad users and iPhone are much more concerned ...

Better Battery Life:

Apple brushes something about this, but I suspect is actually the feature that most users will appreciate above all: nine will make your iOS devices to run faster and longer.

In the keynote of Apple uses the example from 6 iPhone (unsurprisingly not mentioned for the iPhone 6S heavily filtered) saying it's going to have an hour of screen time (over a jump of 10%). Meanwhile, a new energy-saving mode can add three hours. We are waiting for the commitments exists in this low-power mode, but welcome - and overdue.
 Updates for all (in small sizes):

Normally, each new version of iOS means cutting another generation of iOS devices. IOS in September this should have meant the end of the road for iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPod touch fifth. But surprise: all IOS receive 9! (Although I'm sure they will be limited some features).

Besides Apple is reducing the size of the updates of iOS with iOS 1.3 9 GB of space required to download and install - that is smaller than iOS 3.5 x 8. For older devices with less storage in particular, This is big news and a lot less of a hassle to keep up

Real Side-by-Side Multitasking:

Apple just demonstrated this feature in the iPad (and iPad 2 will require air for full functionality), but the chance to finally see and run applications side by side reaches iOS 9. This has the potential to reduce a gap between the key PC and PC devices post 'and with a greater than 12' Pro 'perfect sense rumored that makes the iPad for Apple assault on the low-end PC market.

Apple said iPhones also have the function but not elabourate. I suspect the reality is the iPhone 'Plus' models will function with the iPhone 6 Plus get the ability to look at other applications (video and run picture-in-picture), while in September iPhone 6S Plus full applications will run alongside others

 Intelligent assistant Siri and proactive:

In simple terms proactive is Apple's answer to Google Now and you can change the way you interact with your iPhone.

As Google Now add the entire contents of your device to be able to display the information you need (directions, tickets, calendar entries and more) before you need it. But unlike Google Now, Apple is committed to keep all information in your device so that nothing is shared with third parties or advertisers.

Proactive will help greatly improved Siri, which understands more natural language requests and perform actions in both Apple's core applications and third-party applications.

Together even learn user behavior. For example, if you run and listen to music I uptempo daily 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. to proactive then automatically jump to this time to connect headphones 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.. Or if you do a regular question every day and Siri You know the broader context automatically.

There is definitely potential for this feature to mess up and cause irritation, but we all know that the best help is that you do not have to ask first, so the potential is huge. Moreover it must be given to the hugely ambitious plans for Google Now Android M.

Earlier iOS  9 Access for All:

iOS May 8 has been feature packed, but was also jammed full of mistakes and received a host of solutions that sometimes did more harm than good.

Apple's solution is to offer iOS 9 Beta access for all: consumers and developers ahead of the official release in September. Given betas have many bugs this solution may seem crazy, but it's not.

What Apple is doing is to give those who like to live on the edge exactly what they want, while creating a much larger test group (likely in the millions), which should allow iOS 9 (and all future versions) to be much more rigorous beta tested when the labels are released.

Of course collect these features is not to deny the improvements that Apple has made maps, notes, typing, or Healthkit Homekit, but while those who are nice to have my options will have tangible benefits for all users - no matter how tech-savvy or casual.

But the best news of all is, despite the launch yesterday, Apple is sure to have remained the main parts of iOS 9 in secret. First because not everything will be ready yet and secondly because the notable features (like Touch Force) would give the first leg in the next iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus.

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