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Monday, 25 May 2015

iOS Release Date 9:

iOS 9 code-named monarch is an important update after 8 and iOS mobile operating system will be the next generation of Apple. For major update we mean those updates that bring great change in the UI (User Interface). There are minor updates, so bring minor changes, such as iOS 7, there are many minor updates 7.1, 7.2 and many more. iOS 8 was announced in June 2014 by Apple at WWDC and released in Q4 2014. Apple brings a major upgrade to IOS every year. The next major update will iOS in September.

Given the pattern of Apple to launch new iOS each year, we predict that iOS could be announced on 9 June 2015 by Apple at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). It may be possible that will be released shortly after a few months of announcement.

After announcing, iOS 9 will be available in beta 1. There will be a beta version of iOS in September made by Apple developers for testing. Then after testing Apple will release iOS public 9. After 9 public launch iOS, Apple will update this operating system in all its latest iPhones and iPads. Apple could target all iPhones and iPads users should be able to take the experience of iOS in September.

iOS 9 Concept and Design:

Apple updates its operating system every year and update your system up to date. So stay tune in this time we will update every what will happen in the headquarters of the block that updates quickly. Check it Apple iOS 9 design concept and what the point included in the operating system are.

This time is different between large old operating system and new. It is awesome looking, features is also good compared to the previous version of the operating system. Those who love apple have good news this year around September / October will release the new operating system.
iOS 9 Features:

It will soon launch worldwide. To date there are a lot of rumors, video images are in the market. But they are all false, because so far the apple does not release anything on the Apple iOS 9. release of each new OS years. So this year will launch by Apple. But to date it is not official declare anything about the iOS. Therefore, we will wait and see again the function to launch the release date of iOS 9.

Then check out iOS mention 9 Functions
Search Settings
This option is new for IOS 9 via this new option function settings will be easier to use.
Look color
Overall look of the new operating system will be different from the previous one.
Night Vision
Right now mobile night vision is not as good as other phones. SO, this time apple make improvements night vision in the new OS.
Siri function
Apple so long to release this function, but for best results. It is to improve the search siri.
Include new language in the new OS.
Video RSS
I do not know about apples. How did video signal for the new opearting system. Let's wait for it.
Lock Screen
Improve the function of the lock screen and more in this new iOS in September.
Last but not the support list, iOS 9 include better and impressive support for the block.

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