Six smart features in the latest iphone 7

Friday, 22 May 2015
Apple iPhone 7 Release Date  after iPhone  6S  Plus and  launch expected in 2015, which comes as an upgrade to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 more.

Everyone in the apple of worship; including AppleInsider and MacWorld is busy chalking out iPhone 7 Features and technical specifications, Apple iPhone rumored 7 comes with.

Apple has consistently set the pace and trends in the business of smartphones with the iPhone 5S, making it even bigger and better with the iPhone 6. It is expected that this consistent until the release of the iPhone 7 trend.

I hope that some of you still remember the uproar created by the wonderful Apple iPhone 5 Info-graphic, back in 2012, ending all rumors and possibilities in a single image, and Soso Düne French blog NoWhereElse, which later become very popular.

    The graphical information showed a series of changes that could occur the next generation of iPhone 5 and also gives a percentage of how likely the feature is available on the new iPhone 5.

All these info-graphics and creative rumors that make some sense, somehow play a role in the exchange and training of the user's opinion and expectation of a particular technology. Which in turn influence the technology itself Product Development, due to the fact that developed the high-tech products are inspired by the ideas of the community. Technology products made in isolation, without taking into account the tastes of the market, is unlikely to be a commercial success.

Next iPhone Gen 7 with 16MP camera:

It is expected that the Apple iPhone seventh generation to have a 16MP camera with 4K iSight recording and a front facing 5MP camera might not be a big problem for Apple's iPhone in July.

Apple iPhone 7 A10 processor:

As storage capacity and technology of the Apple iPhone will also have increased 7 quick to conduct their activities processor, therefore, we are expecting Apple to use much advanced for example quard core A10 chip processor or better.

256 GB memory with iPhone 7G:
It is expected that the storage capacity of Apple iPhone 7 increase up to 256 GB model, which is more than the current versions on the iPhone. You never know, Apple can come up with the technology that allows you to make unlimited storage.

Apple iPhone 7 5G:
With the launch of the new devices with new features and functions of the Apple iPhone it has always been the final outcome and this is sure to be Apple's iPhone iPhone 7. 7 will include support for telecommunications standards beyond the current standard 4G / IMT-Advanced. Apple iPhone 5G 7 network support both Verizon and AT & T networks 5G.

iPhone 7 Projector:

7 is the future iPhone Smartphone with futuristic features and specifications. This is even more exciting with rumors suggesting that include a built-in projector. This is a possibility that Apple thought that is working on the construction of a built to offer in its iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad projector.

Construction of a projector inside a device is sure to bring a lot of reactions from experts and fans because the only reason for the amount of energy that the device will need to have in order to run. The fact is; it will be a nice feature if Apple is able to perfectly install this feature, maintaining the viability and effectiveness of the device in terms of power. If it becomes a reality, then it is sure to be the attractive feature to many people

Rumors even get ripe with apples filling patent for the projector. Detailed diagrams showing clearly emerged Apple devices iPhone and iPad is projected directly onto a wall while laying on a table .. The diagrams also indicated that Apple should be working on an external projector to be used only in MacBooks. The external USB projector is based.

iPhone 7 longer battery:

iPhone 7 be powered by the new battery technology and making use of organic materials to replace the Li-On. The battery life of the Apple iPhone 7 expanded with a new and very capable battery that is sure to accommodate all the additional features that the iPhone is the seventh generation to offer.

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